Floor Conditioner and Neutralizer / Citric Acid


Dry Citric Acid Formula

1 wt. oz.

72 packets per case




This dry, citric acid formula neutralizes high pH (alkaline) residue after stripping acrylic floor finish. A pH-neutral floor is important to achieve before applying EPIC High-Performance Floor Finish or any other finish. Citric Acid can also be used to remove hazy ice-melt residue from hard floors. Warning- Citric Acid may mildly etch concrete, terrazzo, raw grout, and other cementitious material.

Mixing Directions

Mixing Directions
Open 1 x 1 oz. Citric Acid Packet and pour into 6 gallons of clean water. Stir until uniform – approximately 15 seconds.

Application directions
Confirm that all acrylic/wax has been removed. Generously apply the citric acid solution to the floor with a mop. Affix a new, clean UDT High-Pro Black stripping pad directly to the floor machine. Scrub the floor to remove any remaining acrylic/stripper slurry.

After scrub rinsing the floor, immediately extract all water from the floor surface using a wet vacuum. Test floor pH to ensure that the floor surface is neutral before proceeding. If pH is high (above 8), repeat the steps above until pH is between 7 – 8.

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