Ultra Deep Clean Concentrate


Thin line pad perfect for abrading sealed and finished areas on resilient floors in preparation for coating. Also ideal for light floor finish removal. 

  • Recommended for use on machines up to 350 rpm

Full Cycle® Products are certified by Green Seal® for Environmental Innovation based on faster biodegradation in landfill conditions and 100% recycled content/natural fiber. In fact, ASTM D5511 testing shows 92.5% biodegradation of the pads in 616 days.


Ultra Deep Clean Concentrate is a professional-grade restorative cleaner and descaler for tile, grout, and concrete. Ultra Deep Clean safely and efficiently lifts stains and contaminants from deep within the grout, concrete, and other porous surfaces. This unique, high-performance technology is a low-pH organic salt solution designed to aggressively attack stains without etching porcelain or ceramic tile.

Ultra Deep Clean removes embedded, hardened contamination in preparation for UDT Grout Colorant (See EPIC Tile and Grout)

Ultra Deep Clean mildly etches new and existing concrete in preparation for various UDT concrete coatings such as MC EPOXY.

One (1) quart of Ultra Deep Clean Concentrate makes one (1) gallon of Ultra Deep Clean solution. Coverage rate: 150-300 sq. ft. per mixed gallon of diluted three (3) parts water to one (1) product.

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