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simple, long-lasting, and sustainable.

At Ultra Durable Technologies, we know that preserving and caring about the environment is a critical responsibility. We continue to make strides toward achieving this important goal.

UDT’s water-based urethane floor finish, EPIC, supports sustainability by dramatically trimming material and chemical waste, as well as reducing water and energy consumption. Using EPIC eliminates the need for tedious buffing, stripping, and waxing. The combination of EPIC’s minimal maintenance routine and its simple recoating process results in a significant decreased use of our earth’s resources. That is truly the EPIC way to protect the environment!

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EPIC High-Performance Floor Finish is the sustainable solution to the endless, toxic cycle of buffing, stripping, and recoating floors coated with traditional acrylic wax. Every time a floor is buffed, stripped, and re-waxed, a vast amount of electrical energy is used—enough to charge a car! Additionally, a vast amount of chemical and material waste (such as wax and stripper) plus a large volume of water are washed down the drain. Because acrylic wax does not offer sufficient protection from wear and tear, the lifespan of flooring itself is cut short and results in even more material waste.

  • Alternatively, Ultra Durable Technologies has formulated EPIC to last 3-5 years even in high traffic areas. Therefore, only 2 or 3 recoats of EPIC are required over the course of 10 years compared to an average 20-30 recoats of acrylic! This allows for easy maintenance, but more importantly, it means that EPIC prolongs the lifespan of flooring. EPIC floors last longer because the finish forms a barrier that resists abrasion, chemicals, and contaminants.
  • EPIC cuts out buffing entirely, which saves energy and improves indoor air quality (IAQ). Additionally, there is no stripping required for EPIC once all wax is stripped prior to application. Therefore, it significantly reduces water use and keeps chemical stripper out of our water supply!
  • While EPIC can be cleaned with any type of disinfectant or sanitizer, the only materials needed to maintain EPIC floors are water or a neutral cleaner and an auto scrubber or microfiber mop! How easy is that? By only requiring environmentally-friendly products for maintenance and eliminating the need for stripping floors altogether, EPIC also dramatically minimizes the need to purchase and use harsh chemicals.

Ultra Durable Technologies is committed to protecting our environment through the preservation of our natural resources.  We invite you to partner with us to make the world a better place to live!

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One EPIC user, Dr. Steve Laverson, finds this system "easy and successful.” Steve highly recommends EPIC and is thrilled that the system has transformed his clinic.

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