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EPIC High-Performance Floor Finish is a water-based floor finish that offers the ultimate rejuvenation and protection for several floor types. Unique to the market, it is an excellent alternative to wax that eliminates the need for stripping and buffing. Plus, EPIC does not need to be recoated for 3-5 YEARS or more after the initial application, even in high-traffic areas! We invite you to watch this brief commercial for an overview and see for yourself how EPIC can transform your floorcare program.


EPIC improves indoor air quality (IAQ) by eliminating buffing and stripping, and it prevents slips and falls when used with our wear additives.


Because EPIC is a one-coat finish that lasts 3-5 years or more, it requires fewer labor hours and saves material costs over time.


Available in a brilliant high-gloss or natural-matte finish, EPIC retains its sheen like no other product. Plus, there is no discoloring.


EPIC offers powerful chemical, stain, and abrasion resistance, and it creates a seamless surface which makes routine cleaning a snap.




At Ultra Durable Technologies, we know that preserving and caring about the environment is a critical responsibility, which is why we continue to make strides toward achieving this important goal.

UDT’s water-based floor finish, EPIC, supports sustainability by dramatically trimming material and chemical waste, as well as reducing water and energy consumption. Using EPIC eliminates the need for tedious buffing, stripping, and waxing. Therefore, combination of EPIC’s minimal maintenance routine and its simple recoating process result in a significant decreased use of our earth’s resources. That is truly the EPIC way to protect the environment!

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No matter what type of flooring you have, EPIC will transform your space.

Although resilient flooring is considered to be a firm category of flooring, it also has some give to it. It is also considered an extremely durable type of material that is suited for high-traffic areas. EPIC High-Performance Floor Finish is an ideal solution for coating resilient floor types such as VCT, LVT, and linoleum because it flexes with these types without cracking.

By contrast, terrazzo, concrete, and tile and grout are known as hard flooring types, and EPIC is perfectly formulated to coat these floor types, as well. They are solid, but they can be difficult to coat and clean because of the porosity of concrete and any grout or seams between tile and terrazzo. Thankfully, EPIC completely seals tile and grout, concrete, and terrazzo while forming a single, impenetrable barrier that resists odors and makes cleaning a snap!


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