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EPIC Classroom training

EPIC Training

UDT believes you and your crew deserve the best training possible to ensure successful application of EPIC High-Performance Floor Finish. To accommodate our customers, we offer 2 extremely effective formats of training (in-person and online) that are designed to fit your needs. Read on to find out more!

IN PERSON: Become a Channel Partner and get matched with exclusive local projects!


Would you like to grow your business?

Ultra Durable Technologies would like to introduce a unique service designed to help you to expand your offerings, increase sales, and assist you in generating a higher profit for your organization. With its 14 years of industry-proven products and knowledge, UDT would love to share its expertise and partner with you in your journey to grow your company.  

What is a UDT Channel Partner? 

A UDT Channel partner is a business that is interested in selling innovative, sustainable services through a partnership with UDT.  

Valuable Program Benefits

  • A comprehensive 2-day, in-person sales and technical training offered at our training site.
  • Increased revenue per project and increased profit per labor hour 
  • A win/win outcome for contractor and end user 
  • Fewer trips to service clients/customers
  • Increased crew availability
  • Increased customer retention 
  • Easy-to use Product and Customer Tracking Dashboard 
  • ROI analyses 
  • Valuable sales and technical materials for you and your employees 
  • An excellent technical support system along with guidance regarding best practices for customer support 
  • Marketing assistance including customized product sales sheets, case studies, SDS, TDS, and other marketing and sales literature 

"We’ve developed a great partnership with UDT. Their commitment to quality and support is clear every time we work with them. We’ve used EPIC for a long time, but the Channel Partner training program has given us new insights and equipped us for growth."

-Brian Sisler, Custom Cleaning Pros

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Next Steps

We will connect with you soon about this exciting opportunity. If you are interested, we invite you to fill out the quick form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

ONLINE: Self-paced Online Training Program

Ultra Durable Technologies is proud to introduce our UDT Virtual Training Program that consists of a series of online training courses that highlight essential aspects of using EPIC High-Performance Floor Finish.

With the demand for training and to combat the challenges that come with today’s travel and meeting costs, our Virtual Training offers a complete and cost-effective addition to our existing hosted training opportunities. Additionally, this robust program addresses the complex scheduling needs of our customers.

The courses can be taken on a computer or on browser-capable mobile devices. This allows you and your floor technicians to receive current and ongoing training from the comfort of your own home or office. From floor prep and mixing to application procedures and UDT recommendations, our 10 complete courses will help get you certified to apply EPIC.

Getting the certification meant a lot to the Supervisor I sent to St. Cloud to get certified. He and the crew who got the training locally valued the investment we made to develop their skills. It was a good investment. The floors they applied your product to look great, and we saved a lot of money in reduced maintenance costs over the long term.”

-Jeff Klenovic, Evergreen Health

Watch this 60-second video to preview the online course content!

UDT Online Training Program
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